Are you wondering whether to call London or New York City your home? Probably yes. They are great cities, and to clear your doubts; you have to compare their quality of life.  Lifestyle comparison between London and NYC may be a taxing topic to discuss as both cities are a huge attraction. 

Each city boasts fabulous lifestyles, distinctive culture and top destinations for tourists and ex-pats. If you are planning to move to the USA for business, tourism, or work reasons from the UK and without a visa, an ESTA application is important. You must meet the ESTA requirements and the application process is straightforward.  Visit to apply for the USA ESTA from the UK stress-free. 

Both cities have a similar buzz, and you will live like residing in the center of the world. 

So, how do you go about deciding which city to move to? Here are a few things to guide you in your pursuit. Read on.

Renting and Buying a House

New York City is a great place filled with non-stop energy, intensity and creativity. London, on the other hand, offers great history and spectacular beauty. But the cost of living in both cities will generally impact your decision on where to move. 

The housing market in New York City is crazy, and you should be prepared to fork out around $2000 a month for an apartment in the city. The median price for buying a house in the city is approximately $400,000 and might be pricier if you live near the city center. The advantage of the NYC housing market is its powerful appreciation rate. Hence, but a house in the city is a worthy investment, This has made it a hotspot for property investors. With the current investment property mortgage rates and the rapid appreciation, NYC real estate is a solid investment.

As of 2020, the average price of a house in London has gone up beyond the £500,000 mark. You will require a hefty mortgage to buy a home in London when compared to NYC. 


The cost of transportation impacts many people fancying moving to New York City or London. You have to think of the cost of buying, fueling, parking, maintaining and insuring your car. If you use public transport, you will need a transit pass. New York has the most costly long-term parking fees in the world, and you might end up paying up to $600 to park for a month. 

Getting a taxi in London will cost you more. Unfortunately, in NYC, a taxi will take longer than walking, especially getting from one point to another. Public transport in London might take less than an hour, but it split ends early compared to NYC public transport, available 24/7. 

Air transport in both New York City and London is effective as both offer international travel. From either city, you can easily travel anywhere you wish.

Salary Estimates

You will need a good salary to live in both cities. Both cities are the hubs of the best employers, and the average salary in NYW is around $57,000, while in London, you will get around $50,000. This is largely down to the field you join or pursue.

Cost of Utilities, Food, and Entertainment 

You will need a good salary and enough to cater to the cost of utilities, entertainment, and food in both cities. Restaurants in New York City are a source of higher prices due to a large number of tourists visiting regularly. But essential utilities like water, heating and gas are much cheaper when compared to London. 

You will also pay more for childcare in London as compared to NYC. It will also cost you to spend quality time having fun in both cities. Each city is famed for its nightlife and sightseeing. 

To Sum Up

There is a lot that defines the capital cities of the USA and the UK. Most people will focus on their comfort and safety when travelling or moving to these iconic cities. However, you must consider the cost of living to choose which city suits your needs, and both cities’ lifestyles vary significantly. It’s upon you to make the right decision.