let there be light

We’re creeping up on that time of year…before you know it it’s gonna be dark when you wake up and dark when you leave work. Don’t feel sad about it though, use it as an excuse to get yourself a shiny new light. Here’s five to get you going…

Tripod Floor Light | Made

Inspired by old-school film lights, this tripod lamp is vintage glam all the way.

[maxbutton id=”30″ url=”http://www.made.com/chicago-tripod-floor-lamp-muted-grey-and-brass” text=”BUY HERE” ]

Melt Pendant | Tom Dixon

What better way to light up a room than with a ball of molten metal?

[maxbutton id=”30″ url=”https://www.nest.co.uk/product/tom-dixon-melt-pendant-light” text=”BUY HERE” ]

Rope Trick Floor Light | Hay

Half light, half magic trick…total love.

[maxbutton id=”30″ url=”http://twentytwentyone.com/product/wrong-london-stefan-diez-rope-trick-floor-light” text=”BUY HERE” ]

Drop Top Light | Plumen

This mouth-blown glass shade acts as a nice little sculpture hanging from your ceiling.

[maxbutton id=”30″ url=”https://www.scp.co.uk/collections/lighting/products/drop-top-light” text=”BUY HERE” ]

Iridescent Glass Table Lamp | Habitat

Basically, a giant light bulb that you can pop on your table and we like it.

[maxbutton id=”30″ url=”http://www.habitat.co.uk/louie-irridescent-table-lamp-268075″ text=”BUY HERE” ]