Calling all budding artists and dog lovers! We’re hosting a very spesh sketching class with Wild Life Drawing and wolves at Second Home Spitalfields this May. The wolves are in fact British lupine dogs – so they’re tame – although they do have pure wolf in their bloodline. Don’t they look incredible? Before the drawing starts, Canine Behavioural Scientist Natalie Lagstrom will chat about wolves, their anatomy and how they’ve evolved to adapt to a variety of habitats before you get to put pencil to paper.

The class is open to all abilities and all materials are provided but you can bring along anything extra if there are specific media you prefer to work with. And there’s no need to worry if you’re not a natural Van Gogh because there’ll be a drawing demo at the start of the class and tips and guidance will be shared throughout the session.

Whilst you draw, there’ll be a discussion about the current conservation issues facing wolves, so you can really get a good understanding of the animal, and there’ll be fully recyclable canned spritz cocktails, made with award-winning spirits, from MOTH to sip on too. The aim of the class is to provide a deeper appreciation of wolves and their conservation, so Wild Life Drawing takes animal welfare extremely seriously – all the animals are well used to humans and are always accompanied by experienced handlers. And yes, there is time scheduled at the end for strokes and cuddles once the pencils go down.

Tickets are £35, with 10% of that going to Wolf Watch UK, a non-profit organisation that provides a remote 100-acre woodland sanctuary in Shropshire for wolves that have been displaced.

This is a private event for LOTI INSIDERS, so if you wanna be there, find out how to get tickets below.
Get your tickets for our Wildlife Drawing session with Wolves.
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Tues 9th May 2023, 7pm – 9pm
Second Home Spitalfields, 68 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL