There’s a lot of talk about sustainability and regenerative agriculture in the food industry but if you want to know what those big topics are really all about and how you can actually get involved, The Culpeper is here to help. The Culpeper Family (the group behind The Duke of Cambridge, The Green, The Culpeper and The Buxton), which is committed to improving its sustainability practices, is hosting Regen Action, three days of talks, Q&As and dinners centred around regenerative farming held at The Culpeper and The Duke of Cambridge.

Growers, farmers, suppliers, founders and chefs who are championing the regenerative movement, including the likes of Glen Burrows, founder of The Ethical Butcher, Clare Hill of Farming Operations at New Foundation Farms, Guy Singh-Watson of Riverford, Teri Clayton of My Biome Box and more, will be speaking. There’ll be special dinners each night, so you’ll be able to try some of the food produced through regenerative farming methods, culminating in a finale in collaboration with chef and cookbook author Tom Hunt.

Tickets for the talks start at a fiver, redeemable for a drink of your choice, with the dinners coming in at £45, and you can book right now.

Tues 24th – Thurs 26th January 2023
The Culpeper, 40 Commercial St, London, E1 6LP
The Duke of Cambridge, 30 St Peter’s St, London, N1 8JT