ldner #217 | olivia-fayne

This week’s LDNER is a rising artist who’s just about to hold her debut exhibition at Hoxton Arches. Permanent Reminders will feature custom tattoo designs, the unveiling of her first ever set of paintings as well as a live installation, and pieces from her new homeware line…meet Olivia-Fayne.

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in East London with my partner in a listed warehouse block of apartments. There are so many creatives also living in the same building so it’s lots of fun. The best thing about London is the amount of connections you make and with London being such a diverse place with all different walks of life you’re always learning something new. We have a canal right by the apartment so we always walk Darwin (our English bulldog) there.

Where do you find inspiration for your tattoo designs?

I take inspiration from florals, vintage patterns and Moroccan patterns, mehndi/henna and mandalas. I create my own patterns from changing and adapting things that I see and developing my own style from that.

You also do customisation work with Dr Martens, how did that collaboration come about?

So I actually took a long shot and sent them a direct message! I didn’t expect a response because they have such a huge following and are such a massive brand but when I got a response my heart almost stopped! They have always been one of my favourite brands so being able to work with them has been an absolute dream. We put feelers out for an official collab and were told that they would keep it in mind for future so you never know. Fingers and toes are well and truly crossed! They have asked me to do more pop-ups and customise Docs in store so look out for the announcements soon!

Your debut art exhibition Permanent Reminders is showing at Hoxton Arches in August, tell us a bit about the theme of the exhibition and the pieces that are going on show.

So I never actually envisaged how much work and organising would be needed. I definitely know now though! I literally haven’t stopped for the last 9 months but am very excited to see it all come together. We have lots of amazing things happening at the exhibition and the aim is to make it more of a full experience than just viewing artwork. Lots of surprises in store and there might just be a performance at the end of the Saturday night too – it’s top secret so that’s all I can say for now!

The theme is ‘Permanent Reminders’. Tattoos are permanent and I personally have some tattoos that are there to be a dedication to things I believe in. For example serendipity on my arm means an accidental occurrence that has a positive outcome. Another reason behind the title is because I want to donate to a percentage of the proceeds to Alzheimers research. I lost my Nanna a few years ago to the disease and because it’s so common now I feel like it’s an extremely important cause to support. There will be lots of things for sale at the exhibition; paintings, prints, flowers, makeup mandala style stencils and a few unique homeware products, incense holders with my designs on, hip flasks in my style and it will also be possible to place a custom tattoo design order at the event too.

We have a makeup artist that will be doing festival makeup with my artwork made out of stencils and also on hair! We have drinks by a high-end gin brand called Koonsgaard and we have local East London brewers Deviant & Dandy that specialise in craft beer. Alongside Deviant & Dandy I have created my own LTD edition can design that will be for sale at the event. I think we’re only making 300 which will be individually numbered. But, the pièce de résistance will be an old 1952 Morris Minor car that I will be drawing my designs directly on to during the exhibition! There’s lots to look forward to!

Describe your perfect day in London.

My perfect day in London would be with my other half either going out for a cheeky bit of breakfast maybe at Dishoom, taking Darwin to Victoria Park, chilling out with a drink on the terrace back home then whacking a decent movie on and have a good old chill night. Or we could go the opposite way and have a day on Brick Lane, a nice meal out in Mayfair and then a night at Village Underground. Hangover breakfast and Netflix all day to recover the day after!

Permanent Reminders is on at Hoxton Arches on Fi 4th – Sat 5th August 2017. Find out more here.