ldner #227 | carolina mizrahi

Our LNDER this week is a photographer, art director, set designer and stylist (and a fashion designer before all of that) who’s exhibiting at The Other Art Fair. Meet Carolina Mizrahi…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I’ve lived in Ladbroke Grove since 2014. I love the end of Portobello Market where you can find lots of small cafes, restaurants and vintage shops. I enjoy working from cafes and having a few different places nearby where I can try new food and host work meetings from.

You were a fashion designer before you moved into photography, what prompted this change?

I used to work as a fashion designer in Rio de Janeiro for a very commercial brand. I have always been really curious and completed quite a few courses over the years. One of these courses was photography, which originally was meant to be just a hobby. I was extremely unhappy working as a commercial fashion designer and photography gave me the opportunity to create a world where I could be truly creative. Moving forward, I travelled to London and met a friend who was starting a course at LCF (London College of Fashion). I realised that this could be an opportunity to both live abroad in a city (London) that I had always wanted to explore and also a much needed opportunity to develop my photography skills.

How would you describe your photography style?

Feminine and playful. I like to investigate and explore the representation of women in the media as well as beauty rituals and gender stereotypes in my artwork.

You’re also involved with art direction, set design and styling, what’s been a favourite project that you’ve worked on?

I really enjoyed shooting Ruby, a project I shot for Vogue Gioiello in 2015. On this project I was mainly working as an art director and photographer. The theme for this issue was the four elements and my assigned element was fire. My main inspiration came from the movie Lolita, based on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel. Lolita is a powerful representation of women and their seductive power. Lolita is the personification of fire to me. I wanted to create my own version and interpretation of Lolita, a character strangely beautiful and evil at the same time, young and strong, in a classy and elegant way. The choice of colours was a key point in my interpretation of this story. The harsh, red make-up creates a strong contrast with Amelia’s angelic face and the white and pink colours provide further contrast in sweetening the image down. It’s a body of work made of contrasts, all these visual signs were synchronised in order to balance one other, from styling to hair, make-up and the set design.

Why do you like being a part of The Other Art Fair?

The fair is great to make sales, contacts, meet new people, new artists and increase my customer database. It also gives me the opportunity to receive a range of feedback on my work and promote new and upcoming projects. The atmosphere at the fair is great too! Through taking part in the fair I have was actually invited to host my first solo exhibition called Pink. The Other Art Fair have also supported me by helping to suggest a fantastic space for me to exhibit Ruby (a project shot for Vogue Gioiello in 2015). At the moment I also have another show on which is called The Artificial Now, the invitation to take part in this show, was also made to me whilst I was exhibiting at The Other Art Fair.

Describe your perfect day in London.

I like to wake up early and work out at my local Virgin gym where I always finish in the sauna, followed by a nice breakfast at Lowry and Baker. Lowry and Baker is a really small cafe at the end of Portobello Road (they make a great avocado on toast!). After breakfast I love meeting with friends to discover the constant stream of new restaurants opening up around town and usually finish the day off with a nice exhibition and maybe some drinks. Tate Modern is one of my favourite places in London and definitely my favourite gallery to visit and catch an exhibition with friends.