ldner #233 | cameron woodford

Dating apps are everywhere but our LDNER this week is doing things a little differently with his one, Now Dating. Instead of wasting time trying to schedule dates you can match with users who are available at the same time you are, so you can date when it suits you. Meet the app’s founder Cameron Woodford…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about that area?

I live in Greenford, West London. “In the sticks” some would say. It has a certain aroma that makes it very unique to me. I often enjoy a nice walk through the canal, which runs parallel with walking paths leading from Richmond to Paddington. With plenty of green parks around it is nice to enjoy a quiet day out and escape the city.

What made you start a dating app?

The initial idea originated from simply meeting and engaging with new people. It evolved into a dating app through noticing the need in a majority of dating app users. Whilst leaving in Spain, I was inspired by a weekly event they refer to as “Tapas Tuesdays”, where locals and expats meet at venues to indulge in the nation’s favourite food. This is what sparked the flame of Now Dating.

What’s the worst dating experience you have ever heard?

I’ve not had many bad dating experiences, but the one that jumps to mind has to be a date I had planned on my 12th birthday. It was ridiculous to even consider dating at that age let alone imagine she was my girlfriend. Nevertheless, she was the only person I had invited to my party and, she never even showed up. I baked my own cake and decorated the house. I’ve not spoken to her since.

Do the people around you influence the app?

In the last twelve months, I have certainly gained great influence from various people and a part of that I owe to WeWork. Being a part of them has definitely supported the businesses development and growth. The environment redefines what traditional workplaces will become in the future – it’s pioneering and helps nurture businesses on different levels. It’s a great place to accomplish goals.

What would be your perfect day in London?

My perfect day in London would start with a strong coffee and a big ‘healthy’ breakfast, one of my all-time favourite spots for a great breakfast and strong coffee would be London Grind Café, right next to London Bridge. Poached eggs and avocado on toast is always a winner. I’d then take a bus to the city to discover hidden London gems, preferably ones with an inspiring architectural view. I always enjoy finding inspiration in city architecture and one of my favourite places in London to visit is Canada Water, I love this place – the scale of buildings is mesmerising and the energy is always high. I also like to visit a technology expo and I’d soon after end the day with friends in a nice pub in Soho, Brewdog is hands down the best place grab a beer, I love the rustic vibe and the selection great beers that blend modern style and native flavour!