ldner #229 | oliver hooson

From a jewellery designer family business, this dude has style embedded into him. Managing to get his hands on the finest threads, the most sought after menswear and homeware goodies, his minimalistic approach is a good one, keep it simple, never trendy. Meet Oliver Hooson

Where do you live in London and what do you love about that area?

Recently moved to Dalston, I love this area because I see it develop so much every day. It seems that every week somebody new has moved to the area with a fantastic new independent offering, usually food (obviously). It’s nice to be subject to prosperous likeminded people I guess!

You’ve got an eye for style and design, where has this come from and how has this interest developed into what you do?

I would say the yearn for style was developed early on from my dad, he always bought impeccably when I was younger and always had the facts to back up his seemingly excessive purchases – quality over quantity and all that jazz. Churchs shoes, they were always a brand I was told was unbeatable, I’ve grown up to realise there probably are more expensive silhouettes on the market but as far as it goes, churchs really reached out to me, with hand finished details and makers marks etched all over them. It was hard to not fall in love with that level of craftsmanship.

You have an affiliation with ASOS as well as your own Instagram for all thing men and style, tell us about these?

Yes so a few years back I was approached by my now good friends at ASOS wanting to turn my part time hobby into a full time job… three years later I am still creating content on Instagram and my other social channels, I would say the heat has definitely been turned up a little though. I enjoy looking back and realising how much I have changed, developed and ultimately found a tone and style I am now so comfortable with. one thing thats really stood along the way is the progression in photography. Being at ASOS rubbing shoulders with some great people in the studio and fashion photographers I have met along the way on personal projects (Robert Spangle, Garçon Jon) have really helped me progress quickly. Every day is a school day and I think that what I like about it, constant progression.

Where in London are your favourite places for menswear and why?

Most of my favourite places to shop in London are the multi-branded stores as they seem to have a little more personality stamped, as well as a much wider variety and offering – Goodhood, Hostem, Garbstore. With exception to this is the Margaret Howell store on Wigmore St, that place is the Mecca to me, the perfect synergy in design and style.

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What would your perfect day be in London?

My perfect day in London would start off at Broadway market on Saturday morning for some people watching. After years of coffee and brunch snobbery in London I still think Friends of Ours and Brunswick East provide the best options. I would go for the Chilli poached eggs (Dusty Knuckle potato sourdough served w/ wilted spinach, whipped Greek yoghurt, poached eggs and chilli & dill butte) at Brunswick if it was my last meal…then continue up the canal to Victoria park for a long days skate surrounded by dogs and puppies. Bliss.