ldner #214 | mason roberts

He’s an ex-MMA Fighter, an entrepreneur and the guy who runs our office, Hackney Cogs. Yes, this week’s LDNER might think big, but he still boils eggs in the kettle. Meet Mason…

Where do you live in London and what do you love about the area?

I recently moved to Dalston after being in Berlin for a couple years and I actually forgot how wicked it is (London that is). I’m a born and bred Londoner and it seems we’re a dying breed, but my time away made me realise why so many Brits and other cultures want to move here…It’s strange because the weather is shit and it’s double expensive to live but yet we all love it. What makes Dalston/East London so special for me is the vast creative talent which in turn creates its own buzz. So many ‘doers’ here, people doing their own shit and doing it well… It’s inspirational man.

Tell us about what you do for a living?

Right now (I have to say right now, cause I’ve always got some new project in my head that I think is going to be the world’s next big thing) other than own the co-working space Hackney Cogs, I’m building a shit hot Holiday app called HeatHopper which allows users to find, compare and book holidays based on their ideal temperature and the dates they wish to travel. You should check it out. I came up with the idea after Googling ‘where’s hot in October’ before having to use another couple sites to compare and book flights, and thought, this should be so much easier…

How have you found Hackney Cogs develop since you started?

Hackney Cogs is brilliant, it’s great meeting all these talented people come and grow in a space I created is very rewarding. I’m a sociable person so it suits me well. I didn’t really know what to expect when I opened the studio, but I’m two years deep now and it great. It’s not without it’s moments that I could do without, but that’s just life huh?

You used to be an MMA fighter, your fighting days are behind you but you like to remain in shape, how does this fit into your daily life?

I fought MMA professionally for many years, while still pursuing my entrepreneurial urges and made for many interesting meetings which I turned up to 9/10 times with a black eye or something in plaster. However, injuries have finally caught up with me so competing again seems unlikely and it saddens me to say that, but I look back with fond memories of when I was getting punched and kicked in the face daily.

What would be your perfect day in London?

A perfect day in London for me is easy. I’d wake up early (It’s summer and hot) go and have a wicked training session, meet some pals for an early lunch then go and buy some stuff for the house that’s been put off for ages. Followed by the pub with a beer garden after telling ourselves we’re just gonna stay for a couple. A few hours later, meeting up with other pals and randoms before going for a massive dinner (w usually gets missed) then on to whichever poor establishment has the pleasure of us lot coming in.