ldner #204 alice tate

PR Manager, fitness blogger AND travel writer, Alice Tate is a gal about town and we caught up with the busy lady to chat marathons, holidays and South East London.

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live South East in New Cross and I love it. I’d always lived East till about a year ago but made the leap across the river to try somewhere new and we rate it. It’s definitely cheaper for living – not just rent but seriously, drinks too! You’re well connected with the overground so you can still get to East real easy, Peckham and Deptford are in easy walking distance for more food and bars, and Greenwich is on the doorstep too, which I love for its giant park. I also bloody love the cycle over London Bridge every day to work!

How did you get into running? Was it always your first love?

It definitely wasn’t. I never ran, I swear I couldn’t till about 2 years ago. Then one morning I got up and went out for a ‘jog’ at 6:30am in my Nike Air Max. I couldn’t run for a minute and couldn’t ever see myself getting any better. I stuck with it, my boyfriend pushed me along (I don’t think he could believe I was so bad), and when I ran my first 10km race I got the bug for it. 11 half marathons later, I’m chasing that marathon medal now…which is still TOTALLY crazy to me by the way.

You’ve recently partnered with Adidas and just run the London marathon with them, has working with them changed your fitness regime? Have you picked up any new tips?

I’ve learnt that a marathon is a bloody HUGE commitment. A feat that only the stupid take on… No, jokes aside, I am buzzing for it. It will be such an achievement and I feel really honoured to have the opportunity to do it, thanks to adidas. You do have to commit to a lifestyle shift for 4 months or so…dedicating your weekends to 3 hour runs, you can’t do them hungover… You also come to realise it’s not just about the running — you need to be hitting the gym to get stronger and fitter, doing yoga to recover and stretch, physio, rehydrating properly…it goes on. It’s not all tough though, you get to eat a TONNE and that comes pretty naturally to me! I’ve learnt that so many of your boundaries are in your head and that you can push yourself and your body so much further than you think you can. Marathons are LONG and a bit crazy but I’d encourage anyone and everyone to do a half. It’s good to have a goal and the sense of achievement is huge.

As well as being a fitness blogger you’re also a travel writer. What’s the best place you’ve visited and what’s on the wish list?

The wish list keeps growing! Cambodia, Marrakech, Singapore all up there! Best places… Peru is incredible, such a colourful and diverse country, with great food. Staying in the Amazon at the end of that trip was a major tick on the bucket list. Sri Lanka too is so beautiful, and Croatia for its clear seas. For cities and quick trips, I can’t rate Copenhagen enough, Gothenburg too (time your trip over Way Out West festival), and Barcelona. Also, I always say everyone has to check out Iceland in their lifetime – it’s so other-worldy and breathtaking.

Describe your perfect day in London…

Let’s say it’s sunny — there’s no better place to be than London in the sun. It starts with a run up to Greenwich Observatory — that hill is killer but I love looking out over the whole of the city. Then, brunch, and for that, I’d happily go all the way up to Finsbury Park to Fink’s Salt & Sweet — their avocado on toast with goat’s cheese is the one. I’d make sure there was some wandering along Regents Canal, a few drinks in Hackney Wick, and a stroll through Victoria Park before heading back to New Cross to Reyna, our local turkish restaurant that’s super relaxed and so damn good.