lnder #193: att pynta

If you dig the hygge, look no further than interior homeware designers and our LDNERs this week, Att Pynta. As both Kai and Amanda (the founders) have roots in Sweden and have brought this influence back with them to South East London where they currently live and work. We talk to them about South London living, Swedish design and interior trends for 2017…

Where do you live London and what do you like about the area?

Kai: We both live in South East London. After years of living East and working in Shoreditch moving South seemed daunting but it was right for the business and the best thing we did. We recently moved to our new studio in in The Bussey Building in Peckham and I love the creative energy there. It’s bustling with people creating, making and has a fantastic community feel.

Amanda: My fiancé and I had been living in Brockley for a few months and loved it so much I managed to convince Kai and his partner to make the move. After being in Brockley for a few years we both then bought our first flats a bit further South in Lewisham. I love the large Victorian properties that are in the area and it has great connections into central London. I also love that I can walk to Blackheath village and Greenwich for the park and restaurants.

You met working in the fashion industry, how did starting up an interior business come about? 

A: We’ve both always had a keen interest in interior design it was something we bonded over straight away! In Sweden there is a big focus on home and interior design so it has always been a natural part of my life. As my family still lives over there I go back every few months which has allowed me to stay updated with the latest trends.

Kai: We both also always loved the idea of running our own business, after talking about it and planning it over the course of a year we decided to just go for it. In 2014 we left our jobs and starting working on the business full time and never looked back!

How do you think the Swedish aesthetic fits into the London scene? What about do you think appeals to Londoners? How do you think the vibe differs in the UK compared to Sweden?

A: Scandinavian design is often based around functionality and fuss-free comfort. With London becoming more and more populated and busy we think this way of decoration resonates with people. The Swedes are clever with small spaces and stylish storage, creating enough space for comfy seating areas as well as a separate dining space; this is something we think all London homes can aspire too. Swedish interiors evolves much faster than in the UK. People will often buy new ornaments, update textiles or even repaint each year. As it has a small population trends become big very quickly and then move on. Last year copper was a huge trend which we have now seen evolve to brassy tones. I love the cosy feel of UK homes, they are often very inviting with lots of personal details.

K: The ‘Hygge’ (Danish/Norwegian word similar to cosy) vibe has become a big buzzword. The idea of taking time to relax with friends and family, cooking and reading is something Londoners could all do more of and having a lovely home is all part of that idea. I think that the UK does wonderful things with antique items, which makes a home feel really snug and welcoming. We’ve seen more older pieces mixed in with modern clean lines recently in Sweden creating a Swedish eccentric look!

You describe your homeware as contemporary and affordable. Why do you think it is important to have both qualities?

K: The world of interior design can have a bit of reputation of being expensive. We really wanted to create a store where our customers can find something that was Scandi in design and special for their home without it breaking the bank. London is full of renters and we were in the same boat for so many years and felt we could never make our space feel unique, so we want to offer products that can lift the feel of room in a way that is also affordable.

Describe your perfect day in London.

A: Take a stroll with my fiancé from our home to Blackheath village and have breakfast at Gail’s bakery. Then carry on to Greenwich across the heath, walking past the Observatory and Royal Naval college, stopping off and having a pub lunch at one of the many pubs in the area. Then head to Soho to meet friends for drinks and food in a cosy restaurant, Soho House on Dean Street is a favourite to spot to spend hours wining and dining.

K: Having a nice breakfast and coffee at home usually cooked by my partner and flicking through the papers. Then maybe a stroll around some shops in central London, usually Liberty or around Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. Then meeting up with friends for drinks and dinner at Shoreditch House.

Find Att Pynta at Broadway Market every Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Att Pynta Ltd, Studio BGL, The Bussey Building, 133 Copeland Park, London, SE15 3SN