ldner #184: jezz lee wood

We wish we could be as steady-handed as Jezz, a tattoo artist at Parlour and our LDNER for this week. You thought tattooing was simple? Nope. Not when you are using the precise geometry and ratios that Jezz does. We talk to him about a painful experience, shopping for vinyl and tattooing a right spanner…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in East Ham, I’m fairly new to the area as I’ve recently moved here from Walthamstow. I am still exploring the area but recently discovered an amazing park with open fields, which is usually quite and nice to go for long walks in. Also, I’m much closer to my friends and family as the commute is now a fraction of the time.

What is the most memorable tattoo you’ve ever worked on?

My most memorable tattoo would be the rose I made on myself. After practising for months on synthetic skin, I was finally brave enough to tattoo on actual skin. I will never forget the feeling of starting something I couldn’t bear to finish. After an hour of self-conflicting pain I made it to the end and at this point, I realised I had potential. I have had a few weird requests, but the one that stands out the most would be a cover up of a spanner a client had on top of his head. The reason why he wanted it covered was because people kept hitting him on the head with hard metal tools and objects and was also tired of wearing hats everywhere.

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Proportion and ratio feature heavily in your line work and each tattoo is completely unique, how long does it take to get from the initial idea to the finished article?

Proportions and ratios with geometric designs can be time-consuming. If one’s incorrect measurement is made it can throw off the entire design. I can sometimes take days working on designs. I usually start most geometric designs based on sacred geometry. I mainly use a specific pattern of sixfold symmetry known as the flower of life, from this pattern numerous geometric shapes are found within it. Working out the composition at this stage takes up the most of my time. After a draft is created refining and finalising doesn’t take long at all.

We hear you are a vinyl lover, what are some of your favourite shops and what do you like about them?

I do buy a lot of vinyl online but nothing beats crate digging in record shops. My favourite shop to visit is ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ In Soho. I love the basement section where they supply rare music from all over the world. Discovering and rediscovering music is like stumbling on forgotten gems. Also I admire record cover art work and always popping in there for inspiration, even if I don’t intend on buying anything.

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Describe your perfect day in London…

My perfect day in London is going on adventures with my children, an 8-year-old and 5-year-old twin keeps me exploring new places to visit in London. From museums to getting lost in Crystal Palace’s maze, it is always a pleasure as long as I am with them.

96 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AA