Creative collective Lemon People started back in 2014 and is made up of artists, writers and photographers that come together to use their talents on assorts of different projects through various media. Our LDNER this week is founder and director Steph Wilson…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in Hackney, but I’m about to move to Brixton where a new studio awaits. I’ve been in Hackney for a couple of years after coming back to London from Liverpool (where my ex and I lived for about 5 years). Hackney’s nice, but a little over saturated with artisan bakeries and other forms of bullshit mixed into a latte. So I’ll be glad to start afresh somewhere else.


Tell us about your EMOJI project and the ideas behind it?

I shot it last year and recently it’s had a resurgence in popularity. It was a piss take on the absurd use of emojis to censor nipples, arse, knob and vag. A pussy for a pussy, that kind of thing…

What have you got planned next?

Lots! All of which I can’t really divulge in. But more stuff that is tailored to my current style of shooting. I’ve moved away from the studio for a bit, made the most of London in the sun.


Where do you go to look for inspiration?

My living room sofa. I chat with my parrot and stare blankly at my plants. I get a lot of peace, and therefore ability to think about ideas, when amongst my plants. I tend to find excuses to go to the Conservatory Archives on Hackney Road far more often than I should. They have 8 foot tall cacti and you can barely walk a meter without knocking over something great and leafy. It’s a little oasis in what is otherwise a pretty hectic area.

What would be your perfect day in London?

I basically had it the other day – I shot a friend, Lily Newmark, just for fun in Woodberry Wetlands when it was crystal clear skies and overbearingly hot, and then we headed to Shadwell Basin. I bumped into a few good friends and swam and drank and repeatedly dived in for hours.