Coloured hair is having a massive moment and this seasons must haves are all about blue, green and lilac. So who better than having Not Another Salon founder Sophia Hilton as this week’s LDNER to tell us all about what hot in the world of hair colouring as well as her London life. Meet Sophia…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in Haggerston which is one of the villages in Shoreditch/Hackney/Dalston. I’m never going to move from these areas; they’re the most ‘London’ of all. Quirky, full of acceptance, yet otherwise traditional and full of crazy exciting new things.

You set up Not Another Salon and it’s quite the salon – what’s the story behind it?

The world is full of carbon copies of every business. I wanted to created something truly uniques for my clients. On some level, for myself and my staff too! We too want to stay excited and stimulated. This why it’s called Not Another Salon.

NAS interior LOTI

You guys are big on colouring. What’s the most popular colour this season?

The pastels, and bold pinks and purples have been overshadowed this season by the blues, greens and greys. Light pinks have become so ‘normal’ now that they are hardly seen as different any more. Grey is perfect because it’s on a neutral pallet meaning it can be worn in the office without getting in trouble. For us, the main colour trend is ‘colour bleeding’ with vibrant shades, this is were one colour melts into another seamlessly. The colours are professional looking and a far cry from the revival colourful 90’s grunge that came back a few years ago.

Tell us what trends we can expect to see coming up?

I think you will see a lot more ‘denim hair’ as it’s easier to maintain than grey. Grey has been so popular but slowly people are getting to grips with how much money and time it takes to keep it. Our grey girls have to be re-toned every 2 weeks!

NAS outside LOTI

Finally, what would your perfect day In London entail?

I’ve been doing exactly the same thing at least once a month for my whole 8 years in London. A walk down the canal in Haggerston on a Sunday morning which leads to a walk through Columbia Road flower market, then it’s 5 mins to get to Brick lane where I wander with some street food through the markets. After an hour or so you find yourself at Spitalfields you find yourself with a glass of wine. Perfect Sunday.

Not Another Salon, 188 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA