capish Rachel

This week’s LDNER is Rachel Jones, the creator of Italo-American street food company Capish. Since 2012 Capish have brought classic Italo-American dishes to the streets of East London and have even been voted ‘London’s best meatballs’. Meet Rachel Jones…

Where do you live in London and why?

I’ve just recently moved to Walthamstow.  I’d been in Hackney for 7 years and loved it but was ready for a change of scenery. E17 is just amazing, I’m discovering new things I love about it every day.  On a sunny day I like hanging out in the gardens at the William Morris gallery or going for pizza and wine at Sodo.

capish meatball

How did Capish come about? What was the influence?

Capish came about after travels in both the US and Italy. I became a bit obsessed with the culture and how American-Italians had adapted traditional Italian cuisine using the ingredients at hand.  I spent a lot of time making meatballs and braciole before coming up with something I thought was authentic and representative of the food you’d find in Little Italy.

You’re now in a real kitchen with bricks and mortar – how are you finding it?

It’s brilliant, such a luxury! I designed the kitchen from scratch so it’s got everything exactly where I want it.  It’s completely open plan, that way I can still have interaction with our customers, something I was worried I’d miss about not being on the street.

capish Rachel

What’s your favourite street food?

I really love Indian flavours so the masala dosa with coconut chutney from Dosa Deli is pretty perfect for me.  I also love the pretty as a picture Poke bowls from Eat Poke, super fresh and healthy. The bacon buttie with mushroom ketchup from Le Swine has cured a few hangovers too!

Finally what would be your perfect day in London?

It would start with getting up late, i’m not really a morning person! Coffee somewhere local – 56 St James is nice and close to where I live.  Then I’d take a walk through Lea Valley and the marshes towards Clapton.  I love the stark contrast between the landscape of the marshes and the city skyline.  In Clapton, I’d pick up some bits on Chatsworth road market before then heading to newly opened Legs for their pork chop with sage and walnuts and little glass of natural wine. Yep that would be a pretty top day!