“I didn’t even realise ‘stand-up comedian’ was a job until I was in my 20s.” Comedian and TV presenter David Morgan is this week’s LDNER.

Where do you live in London and what do you love about that area?

I live in Ealing, I love that it’s close enough that I can be in central in half an hour but far enough away that’s it’s quiet and we have a massive Waitrose. Ealing’s getting a lot of new shops and restaurants in anticipation of the Elisabeth Line and I’m very happy about that

When did you know you wanted to become a comedian?

I always knew I wanted to be on stage but I didn’t even realise ‘stand-up comedian’ was a job until I was in my 20s. I fell into it, fell in love with it and people started paying me. It’s been a dream. I was at university in Leicester and had my heart broken by a boy. I joined an improv group to make friends that was set up out of The Leicester Comedy Festival. Then the festival put on a stand up workshop that I joined and that’s how I started performing.


Tell us where your passion for comedy comes from?

I love making people laugh. It’s the best noise in the world. It’s also involuntary. There’s nothing better than getting a hard-nosed stone faced man to let out a giggle he’d really rather not have let go. My stand up is gossipy and anecdotal. I like telling stories (I put jokes in them, don’t worry).

Can you tell us something about your hit show BLAMMO! at London Udderbelly Festival?

It’s funny, silly and you’ll probably leave with 10 more telly shows to add to your Netflix queue. It’s a fun hour taking in my true loves, television, eavesdropping and boys. And I love the Udderbelly, it’s a venue that shouldn’t work but you get such an amazing atmosphere inside the belly of Violet.


What would your perfect day in London be like?

It would be a long walk along the river in excellent sunshine where a food van serving exactly what I wanted at that point on the walk would pull up whenever I was hungry. Then, a show in the west end starring all my favorite divas.