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What’s better than refreshing ice pop on a hot day? A boozy ice pop of course and that’s exactly what Poptails by LAPP is doing. With flavours like Spritz, Limon Colada and Whisky Sour (as well as non-alcoholic ones like Berry and Passion) it’s the tastiest way to keep cool this summer. We caught up with LAPP co-founder Laura to find out about her fave flaves…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live with Cécilia (my business partner) in Stoke Newington. We’ve been living together in East London since we moved to London from Paris six years ago. I love this area because it’s constantly changing. There’s always a new restaurant, bar or shop opening and they’re (almost) always very interesting. Stoke Newington is a great place to live because it has the perfect balance: it is a quite area with a lot of families and beautiful parks but also has very nice shops and restaurants (Rubedo on Stoke Newington Church Street) and pubs such as the Axe or the Prince to go out to with friends.

How did you come up with the idea for Poptails?

Cécilia is the one who came up with the idea while she was interning for a vodka brand at the very beginning of our London adventure. She came home one evening and wanted to make vodka ice lollies in our kitchen. We bought a juicer and some moulds and we started making them together. All our friends loved them and were very enthusiastic about the idea, so we decided to create a pop-up shop in Hackney Central and started selling them at markets. It is only three years later that we created the actual brand and launched the company.

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What are your favourite flavours and what do you hope to make next?

My favourite flavour is actually one that we created bespoke for one of our clients: Amaretto with Peach and Apricot! It is delicious. I am still hoping that we will add this flavour to our range. Other than that, Punch used to be my absolute favourite, but now that we have introduced the Spritz, I don’t know which one to choose anymore! We’re constantly creating recipes for our clients who want something special. We love it because it stimulates our creativity and it allows us to try recipes, which is the fun part in our job. Cecilia and I have different tastes (and I am super complicated with food) so it is always tricky to choose what comes next but in the end it is always something we like both.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to expand outside ice lollies? Ice cream maybe?

First we would like to expand to the rest of the UK as for the moment we are only sold in London and few festivals outside of London. We also plan on entering other European markets for sure. We are already sold in France, Holland and the Balearic Islands, but would love to add some more countries to the list. We might develop a vegan ice cream range but why not create completely different products like swimsuits, bags, accessories and books? We see our brand as a lifestyle brand more than just an ice lolly brand. We have endless possibilities and this is what makes it so interesting. Innovation is key for us and we love collaborating with other brands from different industries. Cecilia and I both have a fashion and design background, it would be nice to use it for our brand!

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Describe your perfect day in London.

My perfect day would be to wake-up not too early but not too late to enjoy a bit of the morning. Go and buy some fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market in Stoke Newington (on Saturday) and pick up some groceries at the Italian deli nearby. I would then have a late breakfast/brunch at AllPress in Dalston on their nice terrace or at Esters in Stoke Newington before walking around East London and doing some shopping. I would walk to London Fields, pass by the E5 bakery, have a drink at the Pub on the Park with friends. In the evening I would either cook some homemade pasta for friends, or go out to eat at one of my favourite restaurants P Franco in Clapton or Primeur in Newington Green and maybe go for a nice cocktail at Behind This Wall on Mare Street.