Lagom Sustainable Skiing

Our environmental impact can be huge when we travel so we love the approach of new luxury ski operator Lagom, which is aiming to put the sustainability of your trip back in your hands. Whereas most hotels can be pretty wasteful with toiletries and unnecessary laundry, Lagom has taken an innovative approach to responsible travel that starts when you book your stay. The more green you are the less you pay!

A simple online search tool allows guests to browse through a curated collection of luxury apartments. Once you’ve selected your digs you’ll be able to scale back on a number of options including removing toiletries, reducing cleaning hours, reducing plastics, reducing towel and linen changes in order to have a more mindful, sustainable and cheaper holiday. Further to this, all products in the properties will be natural, organic, ethically produced and made from recycled/recyclable materials. 


Depending on what you chop and change you’ll be given a percentage sustainability score and the more sustainable you are, the more money you get off your stay. Savings of up to £1,000 can be made when customers make more sustainable choices.  

Lagom will launch in Zermatt this October, before rolling out to resorts across Europe. Zermatt is widely recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable ski resorts, with only electric cars being used throughout the town and a large proportion of the resort’s energy coming from renewable sources.

We love this approach and with responsible tourism on the rise it hopefully won’t be too long before this system is the norm across the travel industry.