There’s nothing quite like cracking open a nice cold can of lager, that snap and crack of the metal top opening, the gentle pppfffff of the beer being woken up, the first swig of liquid after a hard day’s graft. Light, refreshing and super sessionable, these are the lagers we can’t get enough of.

Fauna Brewing’s Cheetah Lager

New London-based beer company Fauna Brewing makes craft beer that’s inspired by and helps to support African wildlife. Their Cheetah Lager is light, grassy and super refreshing, and every can sold helps support the Cheetah Conservation Fund, so you’re doing good while drinking.

Beavertown’s Bones Lager

Beavertown have been working away on a lager for years and now the results are finally here – the 4.4%, dead crisp and dead drinkable Bones. It’s available on draught and in cans, and naturally the artwork is on point too.

Signature Brew’s Studio Lager

This pilsner from Walthamstow-based Signature Brew is a classic with just the right balance of floral and bitter notes form the top quality European hops. The perfect fuel for a late night session.

Endangered Brewing’s African Wild Dog Lager

As you can guess from the name, Endangered Brewing’s mission, aside from making great craft beer, is to raise awareness of endangered species. 10% of every can sold of this African Wild Dog Lager, a fresh and golden beer at a sessionable 4%, goes to the Born Free Foundation to support their conservation projects.

Pretty Decent’s L’Essence Du Summer

East London microbrewery Pretty Decent have dubbed this dry-hopped lager ‘the gasoline of summer’, and with hoppy vibes and 4.5% ABV we’re inclined to agree. Just like it shows on the label, this one is great in any weather. And for every beer Pretty Decent sell, they donate to charity, so there’s even more reason to crack one open.

Toast’s Craft Lager

Beer that saves the planet? Sign us up. Toast rescues wasted bread and turns it into award-winning craft beer, like this Craft Lager. As well as surplus bread, this baby is made from malted barley and European hops, resulting in a punchy 5% bev.