tap out kozel

There’s nothing better than escaping work at the end of the week and nipping for a pint in the pub with your friends, but sometimes obstacles can get in the way…whether it be last minute deadlines or cancelled trains. This is when Kozel come to the rescue with their ‘Tap Out’ button. Perfect for lager loving Londoners the button is created to transport you and a friend to the pub within minutes where a free freshly pulled pint of Czech lager Kozel will be waiting for you. If this sounds like your idea of heaven then all you need to do is get your hands on a big red button, which once pressed will activate transport to pick you and your friend up hassle free and quickly to their favourite Kozel bar.

The huge red button will launch later this year but Kozel are still on the hunt for people to trial this out, so if you fancy yourself as a beer button basher then head to their twitter @Kozel_UK Twitter and tweet with your chosen friend using #PushForPub.

tap out