After what felt like forever, Santiago Lasta finally opened his debut restaurant KOL in Marylebone this autumn and now we don’t have too much longer to wait until its cocktail bar KOL Mezcaleria opens properly (they only managed one service before lockdown 3.0 hit). It’s on the lower ground floor of the restaurant although it’s a standalone bar and it’s going to showcase Mexican mixology.

As well as mezcals and tequilas from across Mexico the bar will also be stocked with less well-known Mexican spirits like whisky from Oaxaca, gin from the Yucatan and rum from Puebla. Maxim Schulte (former Head Bartender at The American Bar at The Savoy) has designed the cocktail list, blending those spirits with seasonal British ingredients, with drinks such as The Rosehip & Apple Highball (fermented Oaxacan rum infused with British crab apples & homemade rosehip cordial) and the Sloe & Grape Mezcal Negroni (sloe mezcal, dry vermouth, Campari & pickled yarrow flowers).

In a nod to the antojitos menus found in mezcalerias, Santiago has created a snack menu to go with the drinks, which are designed to bring out the savoury notes in the agave spirits. So whilst you’re sipping on your cocktails you can nibble on mushroom adobados tacos, Kentish Oaxacan cheese quesadilla with fresh truffles, and octopus tostada with kombucha & pistachio.

Opens Weds 19th May 2021
9 Seymour Street, London, W1H 7BA