kokolokahi massage at third space canary wharf

There’s nothing quite like a good massage but Shared Beauty Secrets, they of self-heating Lava Shells fame, have take it to another level with their kokolokahi treatments. These massages make use of their five bath and body oils, each of which has been based on element and blended to evoke a specific feeling, like calm which comes from rosewood, lavender, bergamot and alpine in the Serenity oil or invigorated from the grapefruit and geranium in the Revive oil. Each one contains a blend of coconut, argan and shea oils (apart from the Balance, which is already pure coconut) so as well as enhancing your wellbeing they condition your skin too.

Third Space Spa Canary Wharf is one of the spas offering the kokolokahi treatments and is a beaut of a space to unwind in. Having given all the oil a good sniff, we settled on kokolokahi Strength, which is apparently the most popular choice. Our full body massage zoned us out of London and into an imaginary place of soothing tranquility. With each breath we were more at ease and deeply relaxed. For anyone who may find massages a little intimidating, the therapists couldn’t be more helpful and friendly, talking you through the whole process, asking you questions about what you are looking to get out of the treatment and if you need to focus on a particular area.

For a slice of the quiet life with a bit of luxury thrown, the kokolokahi treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve just taken a holiday and will restore your mind as well as sooth your body and skin. If only everyday was like this.

Third Space Canary Wharf, 16-19 Canada Square, London E14 5ER