kodak ektra<br> photography first smartphone

In late 2016 Kodak released their first ever smartphone, the Kodak Ektra. With it came a knock out 21MP camera and some functions that wipe all other smartphone cameras out the game. We are living in a digital age where everything is portrayed online, from your breakfast through to your nighttime selfie (if that’s your thing), your camera is what links your reality to the digital realm and is the most used built in function on a phone.

We got to grips with the Kodak Extra on its release and we can tell you this, it is the best camera phone we’ve ever had. Here’s why; most notable is the 21MP f2.0 lens plonked on the back of the phone, very retro and in keeping with the Kodak cameras of old. The front camera is 13MP and still beats the iPhone (12MP), and that’s not even the smart bit…switching between the different modes of the camera mimic that of a DSLR with the rotating dial digitally displayed on screen. The modes allow you to capture different style shots in all sorts of environments; the auto smart mode will do it all for you, the manual mode allows you to take control, but the real clever stuff is flicking it into landscape mode for a crisp clear shot or ‘boken’ which focuses on your subject while blurring out the background or foreground. Night mode takes exceptional images in low light and as you can play with the shutter speed you can capture the finest of details when things are moving super quick. Want proof you will not get better images on a smartphone, we took all of these with the Kodak Extra…

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For those who enjoy photography and will take time to edit their images will know that Snapseed is the most sophisticated photo editing software you can get on a smartphone, it is easy to use and offers some very powerful editing capabilities. Kodak have this pre-installed onto the Ektra, meaning you don’t have to go to the app store, you don’t even have to open the Snapseed app, you just click the Snapseed logo when viewing a photo and boom, you’re editing.

The KODAK EKTRA smartphone is now available on a monthly contract from Carphone Warehouse and comes with a FREE leather retro camera case worth £59.99.