kerb’s guiltiest pleasures

We’re all guilty of trying to keep it cool and ordering the hippest thing on the menu, but sometimes all we want is beans on toast and Angel Delight, which is why we couldn’t be more excited for KERB’s ‘It’s Only Arctic Roll, But I Like It’. The FREE Weekender at Granary Square is here to celebrate all that stuff that’s so wrong it’s right, with 13 street food traders doing their worst. Expect Project Sandwich to be creating some proper old school crisp sarnies, Other Side Fried to be serving up smoked honey fried chicken, bacon and pickled blueberries in a buttermilk pancake bun and a classic korma on chips with curry chip paratha butties from Curry On.

And when it comes to the sweet treats Vicky’s Donuts will be whizzing up a strawberry milkshake filled donuts & mint choc-chip popping candy rings, and Nonna’s Gelato & Le Choux have hooked up to create Gelato choux sandwiches (peanut butter jelly, Viennetta, banoffee pie) and put their own spin on the Arctic roll. Of course, there’ll be tunes from a live TV ‘Dream Themes’ cover band, old school DJs, 80’s Jane Fonda Aerobics and plenty of guilty pleasure cocktails to help you drink through the cheese!

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Fri 21st- Sat 22nd July 2017
Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C