katz’s delicatessen

What’s the vibe?

Around in one form or another since 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen is one of the most famous restaurant-delis in New York, if not the world. With the decor largely unchanged though out its history, the huge brightly-lit space is like a time warp, filled with memorabilia and photos of its celebrity clientele from years gone by. If it wasn’t already well known for its line of Jewish deli classics, its fame was assured after being used as a location for that scene in When Harry Met Sally… you know the one.

What to order?

When you arrive at Katz’s, you’ll be given a little ticket – DO NOT LOOSE THIS TICKET! Everything you order will be recorded here and you hand it to the cashier on your way out to settle up. If you loose it there’ll be big trouble (really). Ordering is done at the counter and although there’s a huge and varied menu, if it’s your first time then the classics are the way to go – get the pastrami on rye and watch as thick juicy slices of smokey pastrami are cut off and piled high into fresh rye bread. Add a matzo ball soup, a pickle and possibly a latke and you’ve got yourself a classic Katz’s lunch. Warning: you won’t need to eat for the rest of the day. Katz’s is a true classic and although you need to visit the original at least once, it’s also recently expanded for the first time in its history, opening a concession at the new DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn.

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