It’s no ridesharing submarine but Uber has given Londoners a new way to travel with the launch of the JUMP electric bikes. Very similar to the bright green Lime bikes, JUMP bikes go up to 15mph thanks to the pedal assist and they also have baskets, adjustable seats, a mount to hold your phone and built-in cable locks. Like the cars, the bikes are GPS tracked so you can find them when you open the app, and it’s all charged to your existing Uber account – it’s £1 to unlock and then £0.12 per minute, with your first five mins being free.

350 of the red bikes have arrived in Islington as part of the first pilot scheme in the UK, so if all goes well – Uber did state it was introducing public transport options to the platform, so it seems like it’s really investing in the idea – expect to see more of JUMP around town soon.

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