Anyone else feeling like all the WFH on the sofa or propped up in bed mean you’ve got a couple more aches and pains than usual? @davey_t_croft has got the remedy for this with a short routine that will mobilise the joints, helping to rid the body of any aches and pains. These can be done ANYWHERE as you won’t need much room. The more we move our joints, the more they are lubricated which means less stiffness … a bit like sticking WD40 on a creaking door.

Do the full routine before and after long periods of sitting, and pick a couple to do during the day while doing chores like waiting for the kettle to boil, brushing your teeth, or toasting some bread. Think of them as little movement snacks – though slightly more beneficial than those sweet, sweet snacks you’ve been ‘treating yourself’ to every afternoon. Tag us and David in your workout snaps and we’ll repost.