Are you the kind of person that, when approaching the corner of a wall, will sometimes peek round to see what’s coming whilst pretending to hold a gun? Perhaps you barrel roll for no reason or occasionally talk into your sleeve like there’s a radio there? Well we have the perfect mission for you. The new face of Milk Tray is embarking on his first official mission and is looking for some fans to help him along the way.

The location and details of the mission are strictly on a need-to-know basis, so those of you who are interested need to register here. If chosen you will become Cadbury Milk Tray Operative, with a new identity, all the details needed to reach the Cadbury Milk Tray Command Base and what you’ll need to wear for the mission. And if you make it there alive, expect lots of chocolate, a meet and greet with Mr Milk Tray Man himself and another surprise. It’s likely to be an evening that’s CHOC-a-block with fun…

Register here
Thurs 6th October 2016
Secret Location