Self-proclaimed pasta queen Rosie Mackean is heading to Second Home Spitalfields for one-night only to bring you some of the best and most popular dishes from her newsletter, plus some brand new sexy ones. This is a menu perfect for sharing with your mates – think a dinner party but no one has to do any washing up (except Rosie). And, just like a normal dinner party, all you have to do is bring some booze. Take a look at the full menu below: 

  • Hash Browns with stracciatella, Natoora Vesuvio tomatoes and chilli 
  • Stuffed Peppers full to the brim with sausage, breadcrumbs, olives and sultanas with a creamy yellow pepper sauce, using Natoora Vesuvio peppers
  • Lasagne alla Portofino, a basil pesto lasagne packed with mozzarella, pesto and garlic
  • Creme Fraiche Mousse with peaches

Rosie is using the most delicious Natoora Vesuvio tomatoes that are grown on the volcanic soils at the bottom of Mt.Vesuvius, from seeds passed down from generation to generation. Absolutely stunning with a fresh homemade hash brown too. 

Rosie Mackean is a chef, food stylist and food writer in Hackney. After a couple of years in restaurants (and a couple of summers working in Italy) Rosie pursued a career in food styling and writing and has spent seven years working on cookbooks, cookery shows and advertising. In 2022 she started writing a newsletter, The Dinner Party about her favourite thing of all – feeding her friends. Equipping thousands of readers with recipes for a 4-course dinner and a detailed time plan each month, The Dinner Party takes the stress out of entertaining by approaching the prep the way a professional chef would, leaving you with tons of time to chill with your mates and get drunk. Between writing The Dinner Party and styling food Rosie also shares her love for her other favourite thing, pasta, over on her Instagram @rosiemackeanpastaqueen

Tickets are £40 for the full menu and BYOB, so go on and book your table now. 
Get your £40 tickets for the Rosie MacKean x LOTI supper club on Fri 7th July below.


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Fri 7th July 2023, 7pm
Second Home, 68 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL