With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start getting in the spirit of things and if there’s anywhere in London that keeps the Halloween vibes going all year long, it’s the Last Tuesday Society. Located on Mare Street in Hackney, this museum of curiosities is filled to the brim and features the likes of Victorian hair art, made from the hair of the dead; the skull of a cyclops; a jar of moles; fairies having a wine-fuelled party on top of a Japanese spider crab; feathers from extinct birds; a (supposedly) authentic strand of Elvis’ hair; anthropomorphic taxidermy dioramas; and a ‘cabinet of monsters’. And that’s just the start.

The museum is tucked away downstairs and upstairs is the city-renowned Absinthe Parlour, opened by Allison Crawbuck, the Director of The Last Tuesday Society, and her partner Rhys Everett in 2016. As well as being a cocktail bar, the Absinthe Parlour hosts a variety of whimsical and spooky events, from magic doll-making workshops to seances.

One such event is the upcoming tasting of the Parlour’s signature spirit: absinthe. The bar boasts the UK’s most extensive list of premium quality absinthe (featuring some bottles that are no longer made) and with this exclusive ticket, you’ll not only try them for yourself but learn about the drink’s notorious past and the role it played in classic cocktail history. Fans of the macabre and cocktails alike, this one’s for you.

We’ve teamed up with the Absinthe Parlour and Devil’s Botany to bring together a special absinthe tasting for our INSIDERS. Tickets are priced at £10pp (usually £25pp) and include a Devil’s Botany London Absinthe Martini cocktail, Devil’s Botany Absinthe Regalis served with the traditional fountain, and a glass of Devil’s Botany Chocolate Absinthe Liqueur. If that sounds like your ideal Thursday night, find out how to get tickets below.


Thurs 26th October, from 7pm
11 Mare Street, London E8 4RP