Jeremy King Is Re-opening Le Caprice Under the New Name Arlington

The restaurateur is rolling the clock back to 1981

Jeremy King only announced his big return to the London restaurant scene, with new Kensington project The Park, last summer and even though there are still some months to go before that one opens, he’s already onto his second. He had, in fact, teased a West End opening when he revealed his plans for The Park and now we know what shape it’s going to take – quite a legendary one – because he’s re-opening Le Caprice in Mayfair.

King, along with his partner Chris Corbin, took over Le Caprice in 1981, turned it into a celeb magnet welcoming the likes of Princess Diana and Elton John, and ran it until it was sold to Richard Caring in 2005, with it shuttering completely during the pandemic. King is not merely re-opening Le Caprice – under the name Arlington after its Arlington Street address as Caring still owns the name Le Caprice – he’s bringing back its 1980s glory days, starting with general manager Jesus Adorno, who worked at the original restaurant for 38 years.

As King said in his letter announcing the news, “1981 was unequivocally dominated by the opening of Le Caprice on 1st September. After a few turbulent months Chris and I managed to establish it as a contemporary restaurant unlike pretty much anything London had ever seen, and it was not immediately or readily embraced! There was of course someone else who has also been integral to Le Caprice’s success over the years – Jesus Adorno – who, when Le Caprice closed with the arrival of the pandemic, had completed 38 years service and was disappointed not to have passed the four decade mark.”

“Therefore I am delighted to tell you that he will now have the opportunity to complete that amazing feat, because I have just signed a lease for the site and he will be joining me as we aim to recreate a restaurant that for many of our customers over the years was the one they professed their greatest love for. It will of course be a new version but I hope you will find it reassuringly familiar in how it looks, and what we serve.” Fans will no doubt have their fingers crossed that the salmon fishcakes and duck salad make it onto the new menu.

Opens Mon 4th March 2024
20 Arlington St, London SW1A 1RJ