jason markk premium shoe care

We’ve all been there – you treat yourself to a brand new pair of shoes for your mate’s wedding, only to wake up the next morning with an assortment of spilled drinks and other stains all over your new kicks. Or perhaps you queued for hours for the new Yeezy sneakers and you’re paranoid about getting even the tiniest speck of dirt on them. Well, panic no more as shoe care specialists Jason Markk have opened up a store in London and their team of magicians can repair and protect any pair of shoes, no matter what you’ve done to them.

Jason Markk have a store out in LA already and for their London shop they’ve chosen the small space above Size? in Carnaby Street, which obviously makes a lot of sense. They offer a range of different services from a quick clean to the ‘Purp Special’, which gives you a deep clean all over and an inside freshener, so you’ll be able to stick your nose right in your old shoes, take a big whiff and not be sick. You just drop them off, run through what you want with the guys and pick them up in either three days, one day, or even the same day.

We gave the guys a pretty big challenge, with one pair of old Folk shoes that had seen much better days, faded and stained and with a mix of blue suede and leather. We also brought in a pair of much newer Clarks desert boots, which had suffered at a wedding last summer (see above). Returning a couple of hours later, we couldn’t believe the difference the cleaning had made – the Clarks looked box fresh again and the old beat up Folk shoes had a brand new lease of life, with colour restored and many of the stains removed. Considering we were about to chuck these in the bin, it’s great to have them back again. Check out the before and after pics here to see just what a difference it made.

The store also sells a range of cleaning products and repel sprays so you can continue to care for your shoes at home or on the move – one of the best products are little portable wipes you can carry with you to take care of any emergency situations. Also if you treat your shoes with their repel spray, it should help to stop dirt and stains sinking in in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure you see.

If you’re looking for a pro clean for some old shoes you just can’t let go of then we can’t recommend this place enough.