Taking inspiration from the character of their premium blended whiskey Black Bush, Bushmills is running Black Bush Stories; a series of online live stream masterclasses celebrating curious and spirited talent across a range of industries. Whiskey experts and TV presenters Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison have been hosting the events on Instagram, where they chat to a special guest and explore the relationship between whiskey and their crafts. So far Bushmills has hosted a meat curing masterclass with Michelin star chef Rob Krawczyk and a photography masterclass with photographer Freddy Kelly.

Next up in the series is Black Bush Blended, a tea and whiskey masterclass with Oscar Wolley from Suki Tea hosted by Neil. The session will explore the art of blending in both whiskey and tea, and will teach you how to properly taste both drinks. Oscar will also show you some different tea-brewing methods so you can upgrade your morning cuppa, and he’ll also show you how to shake up a tea-infused Old Fashioned so you can bring the two together in one bevvy.

Join the Black Bush Blended masterclass on Instagram Live at 8pm on 13th May. If you miss the livestream, you can catch up over on the Bushmills IGTV.

Weds 13th May 2020, 8pm