Isle of Wight | 50th Anniversary

Festival planning is most definitely on the cards, you have to look forward to the warmer days to come and luckily, the folk at the Isle of Wight have yet another year of musical greatness lined up for us. Turning a mighty 50 years young, Isle of Wight has booked its next wave of lineup announcements from across the last 50 years so you can travel back in time to the first IOW (but with modern luxuries like a smartphone and dry shampoo) and work your way through to the new kids of 2018.

Also expect to see Depeche Mode, The Killers, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher as top billing with Blossoms, James Bay and the legend that is Van Morrison promising some equally ear-melting day time performances. It may be worth booking some time off around the 23rd of June, just FYI…

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[maxbutton id=”166″] Thurs 21st – Sun 24th of June 2018