A photo circulating on Twitter seems to suggest that it is

On Monday, Peter Willis (@deadtreesanddye) shared a photo on Twitter of the prospective kebab shop, captioned “new communist kebab shop in deptford sounds too good to be true tbh”. Aptly named The Communist, the shop appears to still be under development, but the hand-written sign in the window gives a bit of an idea of what to expect: “Dear customer, The Communist Doner-Grill. It will open soon. First day 1,000 portions of food will be delivered free of charge!..”

Whether it is in fact too good to be true – and how its communist qualities will manifest – is TBD. Their website is quite cryptic, only comprising a bull skull wearing a communist beret surrounded by the words “BEEF DONER / CHARCOAL GRILL”. But from what we can gather, the appetite for communist doner is strong in South London. One Twitter user replied, “i can’t wait for it to open. totally gonna stan them if they don’t extort their customers and still manage to keep up a Deptford rent 🙏🏽.” Another said, “I am so proud of deptford.” Others mused that this is all a reference to a Neutral Milk Hotel song (Communist Daughter). As for an opening date, all we know is that it’ll be some time in March – we’ll update you with more info as it comes.

Opens March 2023
492 New Cross Road, Deptford, London SE14 6TJ