introducing the glyph

Forget watching a film on your tablet or a YouTube video on your phone because there’s a new kid on the block and it’s delivering a whole new viewing experience. The Glyph, created by Avegant, is a video headset that acts like your own personal movie theatre. Worn over the eyes, the Glyph offers HD quality video thanks to Avegant’s retinal imaging technology – there’s no screen in there, the images are projected onto millions of micro mirrors so it mimics your natural eyesight. And no screen means no distortion. The best bit though has to be the fact that it’s fully adjustable to your prescription…perfect if you’re on a long flight and don’t wanna wear contact lenses.

The Glyph is immersive but it’s not VR – you still have a sense of the space outside of the headset (so you won’t feel any motion sickness whilst wearing it) and it doesn’t feel like the video is pressed right up in front of your face. It supports 360-degree and side-by-side 3D viewing, and can plug it into any device so you can stream or game…you can even use it to pilot a drone, which is pretty bloody cool if you ask us.

On top of all that magic, the audio quality is fantastic so you can use the Glyph as headphones if you just feel like listening to music – just push in the nose piece, slide the whole to the top of your head and press play.

Glyph is priced at £529.99 and is available from the Smartech area in Selfridges.