A new hotel called The Arctic Bath has just opened in Sweden and it’s gone straight to the top of our travel wish list. This totally unique hotel in Harads, Swedish Lapland, is centred around a circular building that floats on the river during the summer, which freezes over in winter, leaving the hotel surrounded by ice. Pretty cool huh?

At the centre of the floating building is an open air ice cold plunge pool, which is the star feature of the hotel’s wellness experience. There’s also saunas and spa treatment rooms for massages and detox therapies.

The boutique hotel, with its sleek modern Scandi design, has six floating cabins as well as land cabins on the shoreline. Although the land cabins do look just as nice, you’re really going to want the floating experience if you’re going all that way (it’s a 70 minute drive from the nearest airport Lulea). Depending on the time of year you visit, you can experience the midnight sun in summer, or the Northern Lights in winter, and each cabin has a private terrace, giving you a front row seat.

There’s also an ever changing five course dinner menu using sustainable local produce, plus proper Arctic activities such as snow walks and husky sled riding.

The Arctic Bath looks absolutely incredible and although at £700 a night it doesn’t come cheap, it’s sure to be an amazing experience. We’re saving pennies in the piggy bank already.

Words: Joel Porter