Leetchi is a platform that collects money for group gifts and projects, where everyone has to chip in individually. This is something we can put to use alright…did you know that 1 in 3 Brits agree that money causes frequent issues between their friends and family with 36% of people say that discussing money with their friends makes them feel uncomfortable. AND even 35% of people have encountered problems getting their money back when lending to their friends.

With birthday presents, baby showers, leaving presents, paying for dinner…sometimes things get a little bit complicated when you all try and pitch in for something and it usually ends up with a fiver missing from the money pot. How many times has this happened…and it’s not so easy to point the finger on which tight arse might be hiding in the corner. So meet Leetchi, the answer to all your friends and family related fiscal problems. No longer will you reluctantly have to pay extra because your friend ‘forgot’ to pay you back, as FINALLY! No more awkward conversations and a situation where you won’t be left with an empty pocket, it sounds like win win all round to us.


It makes sense right, saves time and effort, so whether it’s to fundraise or to pay for a surprise birthday party, look no further than Leetchi.