Here at LOTI we are all about the best that London has to offer, be it exhibitions and must-see shows, or the latest pop-ups and under-the-radar cocktail bars. We cover a huge range of subjects but it’s true that food and restaurants are probably our first loves, and we know you guys agree – our Eat & Drink section is consistently the most read on the site. So we are incredibly proud to be part of a new initiative called Into Hospitality, which is aiming to help with the current staffing crisis affecting the hospitality business whilst helping people find rewarding careers in the industry at the same time.

We are teaming up with founders Ella de Beer and Neil Gander (Electric Mayonnaise), alongside Joel Porter (Peanuts PR), and Lauren Barnett (Home Hospitality) to promote hospitality as a career to the public whilst also offering courses, training and work placements at some of London’s best restaurants. The likes of Angela Hartnett, Bubala, Leroy and HICCE are already on board.

We know the industry is broken, that there is no easy fix, and that in some restaurants there is a toxic working culture. We will handpick the restaurants we work with, ensuring they all commit to a set of rules that offer a positive working environment for employees, because we recognise that to survive there will need to be a huge shift in the way restaurants operate.

This is MUCH more than just a publicity campaign however – we are all about action! Into are working with local Housing Associations in London to help people get into hospitality as a career. They might have a range of different experience levels but after a week’s training with Neil, Into will get them a trial placement at one of our partner restaurants – there has already been a huge success rate of graduates gaining permanent positions! We are matching individuals that need work with high quality restaurants that need staff, so everyone is a winner.

So if you are a restaurant that would like to get involved, or perhaps you know someone that is desperate to get into hospitality but isn’t sure where to start, please visit Into Hospitality for more info!