Finally, you can pull out a hammer in a bar and not get arrested! Coming soon to Stoke Newington Road Hammerschlagen, a pop-up café and bar will bring together the world’s finest beers with a Germanic passion for striking nails into tree trunks with giant hammers…as you do. The Beer Boutique is bringing the best of the best from Bermondsey, Berlin, Bruges and beyond.

So, we hear you ask…what EXACTLY is a Hammerschlagen and when does the hammer come in?! Well it’s actually the name for a blacksmith’s hammer and you use said object to play against your enemy, who is naturally the bartender, striking a nail into the tree trunk in as few hits as you can. The less hits you do the more you reduce your tab which is a very new way to get hammered…

Open from Tues 1st September, 2015
79 Stoke Newington Road (opposite Beyond Retro), N16 7XB