introducing badoo

Move over Tinder, forget Bumble, Badoo is the largest social discovery network in the world with over 350 million users worldwide that allows you meet people whenever and wherever you are. But it’s more than just dating, whether you wanna chat, flirt, make friends or just impress someone with your emoji banter, Badoo is the app for you.  You can swipe or discover, choose where and who you want to see, find out who’s looking at you and even see who’ve you’ve bumped into – but don’t judge them as a posh boy just because it says you bumped into them at Fulham beach. Badoo’s great because it’s not only got all the best bits of every other dating app, it’s got cool new features too. They recently added ‘Lookalikes’ where you can pick a celeb and Badoo will literally find their doppelgängers for you to date…er hello! You can even upload your own pic of your ex/boss/best friend’s brother and date their lookalikes too (not that we’ve done that).

But of course it’s always important to use protection…and one thing Badoo is serious about is safety and it’s not just about verifying your profile. On Badoo, they have a selfie mode and video calling, so you can be sure that you’re talking to the person who’s in the pic and that means no more surprises when your date shows up and look nothing who they are supposed to be. They also have a 2 message limit when you first discover someone nearby…and that means you won’t be bombarded with messages unless you respond. Pretty clever, huh?

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Whether you’re looking for a summer romance, to meet some people abroad or just make friends, Badoo is for you.