introducing ace & tate

We’re always on the hunt for a new pair of frames, because who wants to wear the same ol’ sunnies every day (or glasses!). And that’s why we’ve fallen head over heels for Ace & Tate – they design quality frames at a fair price, which means you can constantly update your eyewear! When it comes to the design, they produce future classics with a contemporary twist, a.k.a timeless designs that will always look cool – we love the clean, sculptural lines of their new 70s inspired AW17 collection.  These guys aren’t just about looks though and they take craftsmanship very seriously too. Quality materials is at the heart of everything they do, let’s face it they named their brand after the type of cellulose acetate from which the majority of their frames are formed. Acetate is a traditional material that is strong, lightweight and lasting, but that’s only half the story, you can also choose to add anti-reflective coating, UV protection and anti-scratch coating to your lenses.

Yes, Ace & Tate really do go the extra mile, so much so that they even offer a try at home service where you can pick up to 4 of you fave frames, get them delivered, try on at home, prance around in front of the mirror until you decide which ones you wanna keep, send them all back and get the pair you want to keep delivered all for FREE. It’s that easy. And if you want to go and check out some specs for yourself before ordering, Ace & Tate have also launched in the OTHER/shop!