interview | jones

Having returned with new single ‘Something ‘Bout Our Love’ we catch up with R&B artist JONES to see what’s going on in her world…

Where are you and what have you been up to today?

I am in East London and am getting ready to head out to a writing session for the day. My morning ritual consists of two cups of tea and my disco playlist on Spotify – either that or my Discover Weekly. I’m constantly writing new material at the moment.

Your single ‘Something Bout Our Love’ has just come out – is it about someone in particular?

It’s about a past relationship – one from a while back when I was younger and got caught up in a toxic relationship. The classic knowing it was going nowhere but couldn’t quite shut it off. We’ve all been there…I think. I wrote it with Isa Machine and Tieks.

There’s a definite disco vibe to the track, what inspired you to go in that direction?

I was listening to a lot of disco music at the time and think this had come out in the song. It’s a slightly different vibe to what I’ve done before but feels really natural. I’ve enjoyed writing more upbeat music recently, from doing a bit of touring I realised that they were the songs I most enjoyed performing so I’ve leaned more towards that. I’ve always loved that era of music, it’s been around me since my childhood.

You played Omeara recently, how was the show and where can we catch you in the new year?

Omeara was a really special night for me, it was sold out and saw so many people singing along – that always gets me! I’m always surprised. I’m now looking forward to the next London show which will be in the new year, date has not been announced yet. I’m looking forward to doing some touring once I have the second record written. I’m in talks to out one together early next year

What are you listening to at the moment?