interview | the duke spirit

Ahead of their new album Sky Is Mine, which is dropping this August, we catch up with The Duke Sprit frontwoman Liela Moss in the midst of a heatwave to find out the story behind their single ‘Magenta’ and where to see them this summer.

Where are you and what have you been doing/going to do today?

I’m on a train from Somerset to London sweating balls, to make a video kinda thing tomorrow. I just ate an orange and it tasted amazing in this heat.

We love your new single ‘Magenta’, talk us through the inspiration behind the track.

Thanks. Its a muddle of things. Something brutal is happening and I’m asking myself where has the humanity gone. “Who knows where the heart goes”…I’m asking myself if I can see a predator in our human-ness. Yes I can but it will be triumphed by L.U.V.

How has your sound progressed from Kin to Sky Is Mine?

Barely. I’ve eaten more protein recently which might have improved the sound? The boys have started contemporary dance classes and I think it adds emotional flare. Err, I dont have the answer to that and can’t be bothered to make some bullshit up today, in a heatwave.

Your playing two small Manchester and London dates in August, can we expect more live dates after the summer?

Umm, nope! So if you like us, that there’s the only tickets you’ll be needing this summer!

What are you currently listening to?