Shakespeare is having a bit of moment right now, being the 400th anniversary since his death and that. But Intel, The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Imaginarium Studios have teamed up for a celebration that’s not only beyond Shakespeare’s wildest dreams but ours too. In a theatre first, they are bringing Shakespeare to life in a revolutionary new production of The Tempest, where Ariel the Sprite will be an avatar and be performing on stage in real time.

Trying to find a way to match the magic of Shakespeare’s imagination, Intel, RSC and The Imaginarium Studios have developed a theatre-first in their cutting edge production by using performance capturing technology to render an animated version of Ariel. Yes, Intel do much more than power your PC. Here, the actors’ physicality drives the characters they play using avatars. With unlimited possibilities, it’s taken this production to a whole new level where Ariel can fly and be set on fire; making the island feel like a place where magic can actually happen. So if you left Shakespeare behind when you left school, you might wanna revisit it with this production at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon because it doesn’t just re-tell a classic, but involves some of the most cutting-edge technology around today. With the possibilities just being limited to our imagination, who knows where Intel will be able take this in the future…

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Until Sat 21st January 2017
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6YF