inside the crisp cafe hipchips

When you think you’ve seen it all, you can think again with London’s crisp cafe in Soho. The suitably named, Hipchips serves up chips and dips, that’s crisps made from five different varieties of spud, and come with some pretty damn adventurous dips too. You have the likes of katsu curry, baba ghanoush, Moroccan yoghurt and pickled onion fondue all being super addictive.

Hipchips have even gone the extra mile and made what we’ve all been waiting for…sweet crisps, coated in cinnamon sugar and are seriously good. Here you’ve got rhubarb and custard, s’mores and chocolate and salted caramel to name a few. Yes you might want to hate this place, but who will really be able to resist after a few pints? Crisps all day, any day…you know that’s the truth.

49 Old Compton Street, Soho W1D 6HL