IKEA is no stranger to the world of food (hello Swedish meatballs and Daim cake) but now the furniture company has released ScrapsBook – a cookbook dedicated to cooking with the scrap food we usually throw away. After making a commitment to become a completely zero-waste business by 2030, they’re now encouraging us to waste less in the kitchen. The ScrapsBook features over 50 unique recipes including chocolate and banana peel cake; bottom-of-the-bag chip and cheese fritters; a pulp burger made from carrot ends and bruised apples; and watermelon rind jam.

Sadly there isn’t a meatball in site but IKEA has added in a bunch of waste-saving tips to help us live a little more sustainably. The best bit is you can download it for FREE here and get involved in their #ScrapbookingSundays live cooking tutorials on Instagram Live if you fancy having a forage through your fridge.