iconic nightclub annabel’s to re-open

What has 6000 champagne flutes, two soup terrines worth £20,000 each and a hydraulic dance floor? Annabel’s of course. The iconic nightclub is set to re-open at 46 Berkeley Square in a 18th century Georgian townhouse with a cocktail laboratory, late night espresso martini trolley and a cigar shop & room run by a master of cigars trained in Havana. And if you thought that was fancy, they have even hired an ice carver to carve the ice cubes, dog walker and a weather reporter to measure the conditions on the terrace three times a day. Oh and ladies, Annabel’s have created sliders for when you are tired of dancing in your heels and a powder room complete with make-up stations and a seamstress…

Of course with all that jazz, Annabel’s are hoping to pull in the same type of clientele as the old place. Guests in the past have included The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor and Leonardo DiCaprio, and that means they’re gonna wanna keep the riff raff out (that’s you lot), so Annabel’s is expected to be one of the most exclusive invitation-only member clubs in the world – keep dreaming though!

46 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AT