First we brought you news that corner of Chelsea was being rewilded with the planting of a pocket forest, and now Hyde Park is getting in on the action too. Sadiq Khan has released £600,000 of funding to improve many of the city’s green spaces, including rewilding Hyde Park and other royal parks; restoring rivers; protecting species like water voles, stag beetles, peregrine falcons, beavers and sparrows; and encouraging people to plant green rooftops. There are over 1600 places in the capital designated as sites of importance for nature conservation but only half of those are properly managed at the moment, so this investment should make a real difference to some of those areas.

The plans are all part of the Mayor’s aim to tackle London’s pollution and flooding problems and ensure that all Londoners live within a ten-minute walk of a green space. As Khan has said, “The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. In London, we need to take bold action to ensure we not only halt the decline of biodiversity in our natural environment but pave the way for growth and change. That’s why I’ve announced my new rewilding fund, which will help restore the capital’s precious wildlife sites, improve biodiversity and ensure all Londoners have a thriving web of nature on their doorstep. And as part of our green new deal, we’re supporting young Londoners to gain the skills required for jobs that help secure a future for London’s natural environment.”