hunan slurp

What’s the vibe?

Run by Chao Wang, an artist turned chef, Hunan Slurp could easily double as a gallery space, with its smooth polished floors, white walls, and curved slats of pale wood that run the length of the room. It’s a classy, modern, and eye-catching design and with the communal seating it’s a great place to get a quick dinner – we were in and out in 45 minutes which is exactly what we wanted at the time.

Hunan Slurp

What to order?

As the name Hunan Slurp suggests the food is largely influenced by China’s Hunan region, including rice noodle bowls and some more exotic items such as frog legs and chicken feet. From the cold dish section, definitely get the smashed cucumber salad with garlic vinaigrette as it’s one of the best we’ve ever had. We also got the cherry tomato marinated in plum sauce which was nice, if a little too sweet with the plum. The cabbage, stir-fried with garlic and chilli might not sound especially exciting but it really is a must-order.

The bulk of the menu at Hunan Slurp is made up of rice noodle soups, ranging from pig trotter to pickled vegetables. We actually went for one of the drier noodles, the Hometown Lu Fen which was topped with sliced beef, char su, peanut, cucumber, bean curd, and crispy soy bean, which was absolutely bang on – we recommend getting an extra marinated egg with that too.

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